Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have any previous knowledge?

The workshop is aimed at complete beginners and no previous knowledge about programming or building websites is required to participate. However, if you do have some basic previous knowledge (for example, you have done some previous HTML or CSS in the past), we encourage you to apply because we are sure you will still have a great time learning about a lot of other things such as Python and Django.

Is there any restriction on who can apply to participate in the workshop?

Everybody is welcome to apply. We are trans-inclusive and encourage applications from all women and non-binary people. However, applications from people belonging to minorities and underrepresented groups in technology will have priority.

Is food included?

Yes, food is included and, as the workshop, it will be free. All of this is possible thanks to our wonderful sponsor, Bloomberg, who will provide lunch and drinks and snacks during the day.

Will computers be provided during the workshop?

Unfortunately we cannot lend you any computers; therefore, you will need to bring your own laptop with you. Bringing your own laptop will also enhance your experience, because you will be able to take home all the work you did during the day, show it to your family and friends and continue working on it if you wish to.

Then, if I need to bring my laptop, do I need any particular software preinstalled?

In order to be able to follow the tutorial of the workshop you will need to have installed Git, a code editor, Python and Django in your computer. For a better experience during the workshop, we encourage you to have everything installed in advance. As we know that this is an arduous task for somebody new to programming, we will try to assign you a mentor that will help you install everything you need in the days before the workshop. However, if you don't have everything ready at your arrival, you will also have the opportunity to install everything needed in the morning.